Use Writing to Be Happier and Set Goals That Matter

In our much-anticipated second London event, Happy Hideaway founder, Megan Hayes, and positive psychology teacher and author, Manuel Kraus, offer two exciting new workshops in one afternoon.

Workshop 1: Use Writing to Be Happier (with Megan Hayes)

What one simple thing could you be doing to decrease stress, assist coping in the face of emotional upheavals, improve your relationships and even make you feel physically better? Would you believe me if I said 15 minutes of writing daily? It might sound too good to be true, but mounting scientific research spanning the last four decades suggests otherwise. The act of writing can change everything.

In this workshop you'll learn how writing can work for you, different exercises to try, and the science behind the startling effects of putting pen to paper. Get tickets!

{Megan Hayes created Happy Hideaway in 2013 to offer space – in the form of workshops and retreats – to make life better. She was awarded her MSc degree in Positive Psychology in 2014 and is currently completing her PhD on the topic of writing and psychological wellbeing.}

Workshop 2: Set Goals That Matter (with Manuel Kraus)

A happy life starts with goals that feel authentic. Only when you follow your own calling instead of other people’s expectations you’ll live happily. Goals are a crucial part of a fulfilled life. When you set the right goals the right way, you’ll get a sense of direction and purpose. And the better your goals are defined, the more likely you are to reach them.

In this workshop you'll learn how to set authentic goals and draw up a goal system that will enable you to reach them. And it’s all based on the scientific research on goal setting of the last four decades. Get tickets!

{Manuel Kraus is the founder of Good Life Foundation, an organization seeking to empower individuals and communities across the world to live happy and fulfilled lives by teaching positive psychology. Manuel teaches positive psychology in workshops and seminars; and is the author of a series of online courses. At the core of all his work is the desire to contribute to a better world.}

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